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Make a Difference in Northern Ireland

If you are passionate about improving social mobility in the legal profession, there are a wealth of ways you can make a difference. Whether you are involved by offering an internship or becoming a mentor, any commitment at all can change the life of an aspiring lawyer. 

Become a Mentor

The Social Mobility Foundation are always seeking new mentors for their Aspiring Professionals Programme, whereby you can mentor a young person who hopes to pursue a career in your field via email. The SMF will provide you with support throughout the mentor-mentee relationship and organises various events which may result in the opportunity to meet your mentee.

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Volunteer with Career Ready
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Career Ready provides mentoring, masterclasses and internships to young people from less advantaged areas to prepare them for the world of work. You could volunteer to provide any of these services and help to boost social mobility and bridge the skills gap.

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Become a GROW Mentor

GROW is a legal mentoring initiative, pairing aspiring lawyers with legal professionals. Mentees are assigned a mentor who is able to offer tailored advice through frequent email contact, monthly scheduled video/phone calls and hopefully, very soon, in person catch ups, coffees and mentoring events.​ You could apply to be a mentor to help make a difference to social mobility in the legal profession.


GROW mentors benefit from:

  • Supporting an aspiring lawyer wanting to enter the legal profession

  • Progressing diversity and inclusion

  • Learning about the challenges that students currently face


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Provide an Internship

The Social Mobility Foundation relies on the involvement of organisations committed to improving social mobility to provide students from disadvantaged backgrounds with work experience. If your organisation could provide an internship, please get in touch.


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