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Work Experience & CV Building

Obtaining work experience with no connections to the legal profession has historically been considered difficult, especially due to the competitive nature of this field. However, this should not be the case. Therefore, various organisations exist which provide work experience specifically for students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Undertaking work experience programmes provides you with an insight into life as a lawyer, helping you decide whether a career in law is what you want to pursue and, if so, what you may like to specialise in. It also sets you apart from other candidates during application processes as it demonstrates commitment to your future legal career, and many law firms often use their work experience programmes as a pipeline to future recruitment.

As well as endowing you with necessary legal skills, work experience also significantly enhances your CV, making you a more attractive candidate during application reviews. However, if you struggle to gain legal work experience, do not discount the importance of non-legal work experience! You develop transferable skills during any type of work experience, all of which will contribute to your success in the legal profession. 


Please note that many law firms - especially high street firms - accept speculative applications. If there is a firm you are particularly interested in, just e-mail or hand in your CV with a cover letter!

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